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    So the other day I shared on Ezra Klein’s article titled, “It’s Time to Admit Hillary Clinton is an Extraordinarily Talented Politician” on my Facebook wall and that of various political Facebook groups I belong [...]
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    My Next Prediction

    June 17, 2016

    On June 6th I predicted a Hillary win on Tuesday a Bernie concession on Wednesday and an Obama endorsement on Thursday. Two out of three ain’t bad. Today I look into my crystal ball following Bernie’s Press [...]
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    I have seen a glimpse of the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution and it is pretty ugly. Evidently, Bernie’s revolution will consist of misogynistic insults, vandalism, conspiracy theories, the doxing of party [...]
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    The Democratic Primary is essentially done. Hillary Clinton will win the majority of Pledge Delegates. She will win the majority of Super Delegates. She will also win the popular vote. There is no way that Bernie [...]
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    Bernie Sanders has an over inflated sense of his own support and is miscalculating the depth of support his voters have for his specific agenda and belief system above all others. While it is true that Bernie does have [...]
    One of my favorite political figures in history is Harry Truman. I’ve read several biographies of him and he was a fascinating figure. He was personally honest and fair. He was also the favorite of the very [...]
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    Bernie has run a great campaign. It hasn’t been a winning campaign, but it has been a great campaign. Bernie supporters often talk about how the primary process is rigged and needs to be more democratic. Have they [...]
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    Bernie is starting to push some panic buttons with his campaign. His attacking Hillary for her ‘superpredator’ comment from over 20 years ago shows how desperate he is to make some kind of meaningful inroads [...]
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    Bernie Sanders just sabotaged his only chance to win the Democratic nomination. By his own campaign’s analysis, Bernie Sanders’ only realistic path to win the nomination is to go all the way to the [...]
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    No Nukes For Your!

    April 18, 2016

    I had an interesting exchange with a young Bernie supporter the other day. He was proposing a plank for the the Nevada Democratic Platform calling for a massive increase in nuclear power for the United States. I [...]
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    Bernie Botches It

    April 18, 2016

    Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon This is a very revealing interview with Bernie Sanders. Like always, he is at his best while identifying and discussing the problems that he sees in our country’s economic and political [...]
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    Today I stood in line for hours and sat in a convention hall for hours with around 10,000 other people. Roughly half of those people were Democrats and the other half were not. They were simply Bernie supporters with no [...]
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    The most entertaining articles you can read about Trump are from die-hard conservatives who see him as a mortal threat to their own party and possibly the country. The rest of the media world are polite in comparison. [...]
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    “It’s scary. I think what he’ll do to the Republican Party is really make us question who we are and what we’re about. And that’s something we don’t want to see happen.” – Gov. Nikki Haley talking about [...]
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    Bernie has had some impressive victories lately. The press and his supporters are starting to talk about victory again. Let’s assume for a moment that he can actually pull this off and not only win the nomination, [...]