The Tea Party Wins, America Loses

T-Alice-TeaPartySmallYou have to hand it to the radicals in Congress. They stuck to their guns and convinced the President and the country that they were more fanatical, more committed and more reckless than an Al Qaeda suicide bomber. Who really knows if they would have followed through with their irresponsible threats? The President decided it wouldn’t be worth the risk to find out and gave them, according to John Boehner, 98% of what they wanted. But what did they really win and what did it really cost the country that they profess to love.

The Radicals succeeded in keeping taxes off the table, but that victory only makes it harder for the country to close the deficit gap. They succeeded in reducing the deficit in the short term, but by pulling government funding out of the economy at a time when more spending is needed only slows the growth of the economy and puts more stress on those who desperately need help. They succeeded in satisfying their deep-seated need to oppose the President, but only made themselves look petty and self serving in the process. Most importantly, they succeed in using their minority status for what they viewed as maximum political gain and set up a template for fighting future battles, but, in the process, they signaled to the financial community, the American public and Standard & Poors that more gridlock was in our political future, not less. The radical Republican’s single minded intransigence has resulted in the Dow losing almost 1500 points, a loss of economic and political confidence among the public, and the first ever downgraded credit rating in our nation’s history. Remember, they got 98% of what they wanted, but America got the Shaft.

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For years I was a self described independent. I liked the idea that America was built on the powerful idea of compromise. Politics at its best was an exercise in give and take that at least tried to be respectful of both sides of an issue. However, since the rise of right wing talk radio and Fox News, this no longer seems possible. For me, it is time to fight back in my small way. The conservatives have had their way with the truth for too long without enough of us standing up and saying no more lies. Maybe this blog will make a small difference, maybe not. The main thing is that it will satisfy my need to speak out against conservative hate and hypocrisy. Mike Burns Google+

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