Conservative Lie Of The Day: Everything That Comes Out Of Dick Cheney’s Mouth

dick-cheney-2012-241x300Refusing to accept reality, or just hoping that no one will notice how deceitful he really is, Dick Cheney once again trotted out that old chestnut about how Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda were in cahoots with one another. This was first brought up by Cheney and the Bush administration during the run up to the Iraq war in an effort to sell the American Public on the invasion. The lie was part of the plan to fool the public into believing that Saddam was an accomplice in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Then he goes on to defend the use of torture during the Bush administration because he claims it helped get Osama bin Laden. That has also been proven false by the official report but he keeps on repeating it because he has ‘to defend my point of view’. The fact that he keeps talking about these things now, even after they have been thoroughly debunked, only proves that Cheney remains cravenly unapologetic for his disastrous decisions and undeterred in his crusade to justify those decisions through any means necessary. It was a lie then, a lie now and will still be a lie after he is dead and gone.


Dick, Liz Cheney Push ‘Undisputed’ Claim That Is Actually Wrong

Dick Cheney: ‘I’ve Got To Defend My Point Of View,’ Even If I’m Using Disputed Facts To Do It

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