Conservative Lie Of The Day: GOP Is The Equal Pay For Women Party

Perhaps the Official GOP Twitter manager thought that Labor Day was actually ironic day when he laughably tweeted this pic:


Forget the fact that conservative pundits parade across FOX News on a daily basis promoting the idea that the wage gap is nothing but a Democratic lie designed to make freedom loving Republicans look bad. Forget the fact that they say that fixing the nonexistent gap will drive women out of the workplace, destroy businesses and end capitalism as we know it. And by all means ignore the fact that Equal pay bills put in front of Congress have attracted almost no support from Republican politicians. Just look at this unequivocal statement from an unnamed staffer at the Republican National Committee that proves that Republicans are really on your side in this fight to end unequal pay. See, it even has that pretty pink color that all women love.

GOP Claims To Be The Equal Pay For Women Party.

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For years I was a self described independent. I liked the idea that America was built on the powerful idea of compromise. Politics at its best was an exercise in give and take that at least tried to be respectful of both sides of an issue. However, since the rise of right wing talk radio and Fox News, this no longer seems possible. For me, it is time to fight back in my small way. The conservatives have had their way with the truth for too long without enough of us standing up and saying no more lies. Maybe this blog will make a small difference, maybe not. The main thing is that it will satisfy my need to speak out against conservative hate and hypocrisy. Mike Burns Google+

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