Twilight of a Democratic Primary

goodwp.com_28812So the other day I shared on Ezra Klein’s article titled, “It’s Time to Admit Hillary Clinton is an Extraordinarily Talented Politician” on my Facebook wall and that of various political Facebook groups I belong to. To great success if you happen to be one of those people who counts the *likes* and positive looking emoticons. It seems as if his words struck a chord for others as it did for me. Great.

Two days later I got a comment from someone who belongs to “a group BY Hillary supporters FOR Hillary supporters, that is Democrat friendly” who alluded to a stolen election, a world filled with millions of uncounted votes in boxes all over California and in landfills in all those states between Arizona and New York (you can disregard all the uncounted Hillary votes in Oregon landfills). I assumed it was a joke. It was not.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. What to think. First I replied LMAO. When that was not taken well, I followed it up with a “now I’m really laughing” chaser.

Still not a laughing matter. This was a person who quickly admitted that they would not remain a Democrat for long. That they belonged to this group was not an issue for me. It was my suspicion that I would not be able to reach them with evidence which made me feel aggravated & sad.

I was right 🙁 That I decided to call on the admins of the group was a first for me. Maybe it spoke to my having run out of energy & patience to spar with anyone anymore in the twilight of the Democratic Primary. All this arguing over the last 9 months really tired me out. The effort I made left me beleaguered at best! I just didn’t have it in me anymore. Back & forth & back & forth & back & forth disagreements with other members filled the comment section before my eyes.

Then it came to me as clear as day. All this fighting really took a toll on me. Not just fighting with people on the other side of the isle. Fighting with people on MY side of the isle. It’s been really hard navigating the Democratic Party landscape as I thought conspiracy theory loving Tea Party types belonged only to the GOP. Then this primary got underway, and reality got chucked out the window for opinions and spin. It has been hard if not impossible to reach & reason with some people with facts and math and such.

What can I say? I was naive but I am no more.

Speaking only for myself, I voted for Hillary in ’08 and when she lost, I pivoted quickly & easily. Maybe it was easier back then because we had two Democrats vying instead of someone who agreed to join the party for expediency sake. I will not forget the town hall Bernie had with Chuck Todd early on, when he was asked by an audience member why he decided to run with Democrats. His answer was for money and messaging (he felt the media would not bother to pay attention to him if he ran as an Independent). He was given the opportunity to show his appreciation & gratitude for the big tent party which took him under its wing but he opted not to.

Then my mind bopped over to my husband Mike’s & My Rules of Political Debate Among Friends:

1. Always be respectful
2. Never get mad
3. Never try to get the other guy mad (see rule #1)
4. Use facts, not talking points
5. Don’t get mad if they use talking points (see rule #2)
6. Go into the debate with the understanding that you are probably never going to change anybody’s mind
7. Be prepared to be wrong, particularly if you hang out with really smart people

Especially rule number six: Go into the debate with the understanding that you are probably never going to change anybody’s mind. Yup.

Then I thought some more & reminded myself that I don’t chose some facts and ignore others to bolster my position. I accept all facts, and adjust my position from there. This mindset allows me to operate in the most honest way possible.

Am I 100% aligned with Hillary? No. I am perfectly fine disagreeing with her. But then I’m not a zealot. I like to remind myself and share with others the true story of the politician running for office who once said, “Don’t compare me to God. Compare me to the other guy”. I compared Hillary to Bernie & I compare her to Trump. I choose Hillary.

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