It’s Not About Speech Plagiarism, It’s About Crisis Management

vid_donald_trump_435675An entire paragraph of Melania Trump’s speech last night was plagiarized from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech. That is unfortunate. More important is how it is handled. How a campaign is organized and run, how well it puts out fires & handles hiccups and pot holes on the road to the White House gives us an indication of how it would manage similar crises in the Oval Office.

This bombshell was a lob. You take the hit, you fire the people responsible for the sloppiness, and you move on.

Not so for the Trump campaign. Because if you do that, it requires that you admit you made a mistake. And Trump is never wrong. Because Trump’s ego cannot handle criticism.

Denial is the only option.

This morning Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort defiantly stated that Mrs. Trump did not crib Michelle Obama’s words. There is a real problem with taking this route, most notably that it does not allow for the story to die down. Questions will remain and drain the campaign of energy and time that they cannot waste. Worse, Donald Trump’s attempt to stonewall this matter only serves his own desire to never lose a battle with the press, but in the process it leaves his loving wife and possibly the next First Lady of the United States, unprotected and twisting in the wind. By not admitting that a mistake was made and firing the individual responsible, he only ends up making a fool of himself and of her. More importantly, it brings into doubt his ability to handle a real crisis. If he can’t even manage a little problem like this without his ego getting in the way, then how can we trust him to handle the job of President of the United States where life and death decisions are made every day.…

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