Trump’s Debate Plan: Prepare To Fail By Failing To Prepare

1033209603Running for President is the toughest job interview on the face of the earth. A candidate for the most powerful office in the world needs to convince over 60 million Americans that they are prepared to sit in The Oval Office. They have to give voters the confidence that they will be prepared to make the big decisions on day one. It’s a tough job. It takes skill. It takes knowledge. It takes preparation. In last night’s debate, Hillary came prepared with skill and knowledge and Trump didn’t. Hillary took the job of running for President seriously, and Trump didn’t. Hillary looked presidential, and Trump didn’t.

Trump is today telling us his failure wasn’t his fault. It was the moderator asking tough questions or the microphone malfunctioning. However, the failure was all his. He refused to prepare. He refused to practice. He refused to take it seriously. Winging it might have worked for the primary debates with ten other candidates onstage, but it doesn’t work one on one for 90 minutes. Making a quick zinger, throwing out an off-color insult, and mixing in a bit of braggadocious about his business or the size of his … ‘whatever’ makes for good television, but that isn’t how you win a real debate against a truly prepared candidate.

After about twenty minutes last night, Trump began to ramble. Just a little bit at first, but more intensely as the debate wore on. As Hillary hit him with point after point, he couldn’t quite find the words to counter her attacks. A bit of preparation would have helped here. A bit of practice could have given him some safe pat answers to fall back on. Under pressure, and without skill, knowledge or preparation, Donald seemed panicked. That’s not a good look for a potential President of the United States.

But his debate night problems might only be the beginning. Trump doesn’t take failure well as we all know. He runs the risk that his response to his debate failure and the inevitable bad press will cause him even more problems. Whenever Trump feels threatened, he tends to double down on some of the same ugly, unpresidential behavior that got him into trouble in the first place. My prediction is that The Braggart in Chief will brag more. The Excuser in Chief will make more excuses. The Insulter in Chief will make more insults.

He could fix all this by the next debate. He could practice. He could prepare. He could take it seriously. But I’m betting he won’t. It just isn’t in him. He just isn’t humble enough to admit he has a problem that needs to be fixed. Even if he could admit it, he isn’t temperamentally suited to the hard work it takes to be skillful, knowledgeable and prepared. If you’re going to give an individual your vote to become the Commander in Chief, you don’t want someone who just says they are ready; You want a candidate who shows you that they are ready. You want a candidate that is ready. The job is too serious to elect someone who doesn’t take it seriously. The job is too tough to elect someone who isn’t skillful, knowledgeable and prepared. The stakes are too high to elect someone who just ‘wings it.’

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