What Do Political Junkies Do?

smallmain_66_910All of it.

They immerse themselves into the war of words, a game of gimmicks, the daily drudgery, the monotonously mundane and the revoltingly repetitious. Because while each new day unfolds the old & forgotten to be revisited & replicated, it also offers some fresh suggestion of the possible and a new cast of characters.

And every four years the circus comes back to town for the greatest show on earth.

This most assuredly includes debates.

By the time the fall rolls around, some spectators who have kept glued to their seats for all the spectacle lose their taste for the next act, just when the last two standing are about the face off against one another for the first time. I understand and respect their decision to walk out before the end.

As for Mike & me, we are excited no matter the outcome, no matter how well we know the participants, no matter how much our minds are already made up.

Tonight will be the first time that Hillary & Trump will attack & defend. In real time. No previously prepared prompters. To make things even more interesting, it will is the first time Trump will be sparring mano-a-mano. For 90 minutes.

As any other political junkie will agree, we prefer to watch the debates in all their gory glory, without the intervention of the press. No tweet, no television show, no article can match our personal takeaway. Seeing first hand also allows us to continue to assess the honesty of journalism the next day.

Most of all, this dog fight to the White House and politics in general are the most intellectually stimulating and serious of all games. And we don’t want to miss a minute of it!

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